Select A New Community Service

                The following directives must be adhered to when having events in a SDHS facility and on this campus. 


 Extra-Curricular Check List


1.   ALL EVENTS must be scheduled  through Mrs. Workman.  This will help to avoid conflicts with use of SDHS facilities and/or grounds.

2.   Control your group and make sure they are contained to specific areas.  This will limit access to other parts of the building.

3.   If classrooms need to be used, make sure you have permission from the teacher and this will allow them to have items secured.

4.   Any area or facility being used is to be left in a manner suitable for classes to take up the following school day.

5.   All Trash is to be bagged and put in the dumpster.  DO NOT LEAVE IT IN THE BUILDING! 

         If this is not done, then your group will be charged for its disposal.

6.   Security of the building is of the HIGHEST IMPORTANCE and is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY

         Make it a priority to check all exits prior to leaving.

7.   If you are taking a group on a trip, make sure you have permission slips, emergency information and phone numbers

 along with transportation organized.

8.   Make sure if you are going out of town or it is overnight, that Field Trip Forms have been submitted and approved prior to leaving.