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New Elective Classes For SDHS
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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

New Elective Classes For SDHS

May 9, 2017

As the year draws to a close for the students at Soddy Daisy High School, administration is busy looking to the next school year.  Starting this fall students will be able to take a shorten elective class or "skinny" in addition to their regular class schedule.  


Rising 11th and 12th graders can choose from a list of classes to be offered.  All 10th grade students will be taking an ACT Prep course to help them for the ACT when they enter the 11th grade.  Incoming 9th graders will enroll in a new rotation course introducing the different Career and Technical Education classes that the school offers.  In addition to this the Freshmen will take a typing course and a leadership course.  Administration hope this rotation will "enrich the character education and success skills" our students need.  


Rising Juniors and Seniors can sign up for these classes now.  Just follow the link 


For scheduling purposed you will need to select you top 4 choices. These classes will operate on a quarter period.  Here is a list of the classes being offered next year.



The Applications of Science


Astronomy: Astronomy is a high-interest topic that helps students learn about the planet on which they live, the solar system, galaxies, and many other astronomical topics and phenomena. It will help develop observational skills and enhance learning with technology (both electronic and non-electronic).


Diseases and Disorders: This course will cover signs/symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and mode of transmission for bacterial, viral, parasitic, and fungal infections.  We also will research genetic disorders.  The coursework will consist of independent and group research, lecture, lab activities, student presentations, and guest speakers. 


Conservation of Public Land: This course will allow students to look into the methods of conservation of the natural world through the efforts of state parks and forests and national parks and forests. Students can research the methods that these parks are using to conserve their areas of the nation so that the people can enjoy them far into the future. Students will evaluate the effectiveness of the preservation methods and create a plan to visit one of these places to enjoy and help in the conservation efforts. 


Citizen Science and the Environment: Students, get outside and explore the natural world around you!  Enrolling in this course will allow you to be a citizen scientist and report about what is happening outside in your schoolyard. Scientists from all over the world could use the data you collect.  Your outdoor lab awaits!


Marine Science.  This course will allow students to study the ocean, its physical process, living spaces and residents, and how all this influences life.  We will study weather and natural disasters related to ocean activity.  Students also will examine human impact on the oceans.  We will do all this using a combination of study methods.   Finally, we will be operating an aquaponics system, a salt-water aquarium, monitor a stream and a pond for a national program, and compete in national ocean competitions.


Space Science and Rocketry: This course will cover the history of the United States space program from its inception to present day.  Students will learn about the U. S. Space Shuttle program through completing a shuttle mission assignment.  Each study group will design and construct a mission patch and a rocket for launch in the spring.  Possible field trips could be to the UTC Challenger Center and to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.


STEM: Applications of STEM enhances a student’s ability to apply the scientific method to everyday life. This course will provide an interdisciplinary approach for integrating STEM into practice across the disciplines. Students in engineering teams will apply technology, science, and mathematics concepts and skills to solve engineering design problems and innovate new designs. This course will involve the participation in problem-based and project-based learning activities, mathematics and science learning tasks, and using technology to gain and display information.


Psychology: Students will study the development of scientific attitudes and skills, including critical thinking, problem solving, and scientific methodology.  Students will study social cognition, influence, and relations. Students will examine social and cultural diversity and diversity among individuals. Students will study memory, including encoding, storage, and retrieval of memory.  Throughout the course, students will examine connections between content areas within psychology and relate psychological knowledge to everyday life. Students will explore the variety of careers available to those who study psychology.


Leadership/Service Learning


“Make Your Mark” Service Learning Course Description: The Trojan Make Your Mark Leadership course will provide Soddy Daisy High School student the opportunity to become not only leaders, but servant leaders in their school and their community. These students need to understand the importance of this aspect of life and the opportunity they have to leave a lasting LEGACY on Soddy Daisy High School.


WBL Side X Side program:  This course will allow students who want to go into the teaching profession to pair with other students who have intellectual and/or physical disabilities to integrate those challenged students more successfully into the general education setting by working closely with teachers and case managers to help modify work for smoother educational transitions.       


Literature/Cultural Studies


Mythology: Mythology will focus on myths from the Classical World (Greece and Rome), Vikings (Norse), Near Eastern/India, and myths involving Heroes, including Epics. Students will read and interact about what the myths tell us; discover what archetypes are; and students will be assessed largely through game making and playing. You must be a team player to earn a good grade, but you do not need to be a genius-just enjoy reading a bit.


Dystopian Literature: The roots of dystopian literature may be in the 16th century, but the current resurgence of its popularity is in large part due to young adult readers. With limited time available in the regular English classroom for literature other than the basic curriculum, this class would offer students to explore further broken societies. The study of this genre will include a look at the history of the genre and how it has changed through time to become the post-apocalyptic fiction of the 21st century


Contemporary Issues: Students will study variety of current issues facing today’s world.  Students will focus an emphasis on the structures and policies of the United States, and, in addition, how those policies compare to other systems in the international community. Students will engage in research, problem solving, and critical thinking in order to better understand and assess significant current issues. For example, America's "War on Terror" and its impact on the Middle East and Islamic culture. 


Exploring Foods of the Hispanic World: This course will provide an overview of Spanish-speaking countries through studying the food of each culture. It will require no previous knowledge of Spanish. To begin with, students will learn Spanish vocabulary and conversation related to food as they learn about various Spanish-speaking countries. In addition, students will have the opportunity to engage with authentic examples of the Spanish language such as menus, recipes, and websites to enrich their knowledge of food and its preparation in these different countries. Students will compare and contrast the food and customs that are common in Hispanic cultures. Overall, this course will help students improve their knowledge of the Spanish language and expand their understanding of the multiple Hispanic cultures.  


Shakespeare Literature: This course will offer a survey of Shakespeare’s comedies, histories, tragedies, and sonnets aimed at enriching student learning and support of the current English/Language Arts curriculum at Soddy Daisy High School.  A rigorous, intentional approach to learning Shakespeare will support literacy, because students must read, unpack, and explore exceptionally crafted texts. A compelling study of Shakespeare Literature will support how students learn both elements and conventions of literature, including (but not limited to) argument, narration, genre, audience, purpose, and tone.


Study of Hispanic Cultures: A study of Hispanic cultures will allow students to explore the language, traditions, geography, and history of countries in Europe, Central, and South America. Students will learn the geography of Central and South America, including the history of Hispanic groups. Students will learn phrases in the target language, Spanish, including survival phrases about travel, food, greetings, good-byes, directions, and medical terms, etc.


Sociology: Students will explore the ways sociologists view society along with how they study the social world. In addition, students will examine culture, socialization, deviance and the structure and impact of institutions and organizations. In addition, students will study selected social problems and how change influences individuals and societies.


Tennessee and Local History: This course will allow students to study local Soddy Daisy, Hamilton County, and Tennessee History. Class will include guest speakers, local folklore, and possible field trips.  Students will study the vast history from the beginning of Tennessee, Chattanooga and Soddy Daisy, as well as major national events that have affected our area such as the Civil War, TVA, and mining and pottery industries.  Students will learn to appreciate the area around them. 



Show Art: Advanced art students will receive individualized instruction to enhance technical skills while working with a variety of media. Students will promote Soddy Daisy High School through the production of show-quality pieces for seasonal art shows throughout the city. Students should be self-motivated and have a serious interest in visual arts.


Jazz Band:  The Jazz Band is a performing group of wind, percussion, and string bass instrumentalists open to students interested in playing in a jazz big band. The focus is on learning to play various styles of jazz and commercial music, including swing era, be-bop, cool jazz, fusion and Latin styles. In addition, students will learn the basics of jazz improvisation - learning to read chord changes and a basic understanding of jazz forms and terminology.  Students already must have the ability to play an instrument to participate in this class.


Freelance Writing and Photography: Freelance writing and Photography will provide students the opportunity to work through the different stages of the writing process, to publish edited pieces of writing in the public arena, and possibly to receive compensation for their efforts. This course will allow students to experience real-life submissions, rejections, and acceptance of their work as a writer and a photographer.  The course will provide an opportunity for students to meet people in the community who have published.  As students study the career opportunities for freelance writers and photographers, they will engage in conversation about the risks, rewards, and challenges of this career.


Adobe Certification: The Adobe Certification Course is a four-part course designed to prepare students for the Adobe Certified Associate exam. Students with an interest in the A\V Arts industry or planning post-secondary studies in the A\V Arts should take this course.  Projects include classroom instruction, online instruction, and real-world scenarios. Each quarter will conclude in an exam of the following: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects.


Debate: Are you interested in being a lawyer? Do you want to bolster your college applications? Do you want to gain valuable skills for your career? Do you want to make friends and become part of a supportive student community? Join the debate team. Students will learn to explain and persuade skillfully.


Speech: A hands-on communication class that covers all aspects of speaking and listening when it comes to preparing for an interview to presenting a project in front of class.  This “how to” approach helps builds students’ self-confidence while strengthening students’ ability to communicate in a variety of situations.”


Logic/Mathematical Expression


Every Day Math: This course will focus on teaching students the math that they will encounter on a daily basis in their everyday life. The course will cover a variety of topics including, mental math, word problems, problem-solving skills, and learning how to use TI calculators.


Brain Games: If you need to learn symbolic logic, but would rather play a game, this is for you.
If you have to learn symbolic logic, but hate algebra and other “mathy” things, this is for you.
If you love symbolic logic and are looking for new and interesting ways to approach the subject, this is for you.  If you just enjoy puzzle-solving games, this is for you.

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