Latin 1 Information Page 


This course focuses on reading and writing a foreign language and much less about speaking. Latin has changed into modern Italian and so we focus on reading skills mainly. As a result you will learn how Latin grammar directly influences our own English grammar. Unfortunately, there is a HEAVY emphasis on spelling. You will find Latin VERY different from English. The ancient Romans didn't think the same way we do, so there are many endings on words that we do not use. So spelling will be vitally important. If you don't like to read, this probably isn't the class for you. We use the Cambridge Latin Course. If you email me I can give you the password for an online version of our textbook that you can examine. Also, there are apps but I believe you have to pay 99 cents per chapter to have them downloaded to your phone or Ipad. It may be worth your time to try one and see what you think.

We will also focus much time on medical terminology as it relates to human anatomy. If you are thinking of a medical career, you will discover almost all vocabulary comes from either Latin or Greek.

Lastly, we spend a good deal of time on mythology. Although we study mythology mostly in English, sometimes we will read a story in Latin. Again, if you don't enjoy reading, this isn't the class for you.

We do spend time learning about the ancient Romans, but their history is slated for Latin 2 largely.

You will read stories, translate them into English, study the Latin language, learn about how Latin has influenced our science vocabulary, and learn about ancient Greek and Roman mythology. We do many projects and avoid as many formal standardized tests as possible. But you will be required to demonstrate your ability to read and write in Latin.

We will begin the year with a rapid run though of your topics and make a family tree before getting into the textbook proper.