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College Prep

Cindy Adamz

Soddy Daisy High College Advisor

Office: 423-332-8828 x 3048

The goal of your college advisor is to help navigate the many different resources for college admission and financial aid information for you and your parents.

It's never too early to start think about where you will attend college. Here are some of the things that your advisor can help you with:

   Taking the ACT

Your advisor can not only get the registration for the ACT and make sure you have the necessary paperwork for test day, but can also help you prepare yourself by recommending ACT prep classes before the big day. 

   Finding a college

Your advisor can work with you to make a list of colleges and universities that fit with your interests.

   Planning college visits

       The advisor can help plan a visit to any college you may be interested in to see if it is the right match for your scores and interests.

   Understand the Requirements

Each college requires different information from ACT scores and admissions test, to essay and letters of recommendation from teachers.

     When do I apply

                  Your junior year is the time to start narrowing the field down for the college you want to attend.  By the time you are a senior you should be sending in applications and getting to work on Financial Aid and any scholarships that might be available to you. Your advisor can help find the right scholarships to apply for.      


*Your advisor can be a huge help, but only if you go ask them yourself. So don't be afraid to ask your college advisor about YOUR future.

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