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Darlene Jackson

English Department

English 9
Honors English 9

Dear Students,

I have taught high school English for fifteen years, and I love my profession. My favorite lessons involve the teaching of writing, research, and rhetorical appeals. Sometimes the assignments make students nervous; however, everyone eventually feels very confident, especially when they are able to support their opinions and arguments with research.

Consequently, I think that English Language Arts plays an important role in the navigation of today's technology, in the understanding of it, and in the benefits of using it correctly. I also support the notion that upon entering high school, you will all learn very quickly to advocate for yourself because it is so empowering! We'll talk more about this subject when we meet.

On a personal note, I love to spend time outdoors and in the kitchen. Gardening, hiking, cooking, and teaching are my true loves. I am looking forward to meeting all of you this semester!

Sincerely, Mrs. Jackson

Contact Information
423.332.8828 ext. 66042

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