Soddy Daisy High School

Foreign Language

Teacher Information about the Foreign Language Department will be coming soon.

Course: Chinese 1 

Level 1 of Chinese is a generalized view of Chinese culture and language. Students begin their studies with no prior knowledge of the language very gradually increasing speed and ability. The student will explore the language from all aspects: reading, writing, speaking and listening. A number of projects will enhance the student’s understanding of the grand history and culture of China. Students will learn approximately 180 characters (~250 words).

Course: Chinese 2

Level 2 of Chinese is a continuation of Chinese 1 and will begin at the pace Chinese 1 left off at. Reading, writing, listening and speaking begin to take stronger roles with less concentration on the Chinese culture. Students will learn continue knowledge growth through skits, narrations, shorts stories, projects and daily work in sentence structures and vocabulary. Students will learn approximately 150 more characters (total vocabulary now at ~600 words).

Course: Chinese 3 

Chinese 3 will be a continuation of Chinese 2. The course will continue with interactive TPR, storytelling, acting, dialogues, culture and daily used material. Students will gain a further 400+ characters of vocabulary. This course is designed for students seeking advanced placement in college Chinese. Topics will include Travel, diet, environment, medicine, careers, health, etc…

Course: Spanish 1

This course explores the Spanish spoken in Spain and in Central and South America. Emphasis is on building vocabulary, conversational expressions, and simple grammatical structures. Spanish and Hispanic cultures will also be studied.

 Course: Spanish 2

This course develops speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills that began in level one. More complex grammatical structures and verb tenses are a part of this curriculum. The study of Spanish-speaking cultures is continued.

 Course: Honors Spanish 3

This course extends continued experiences with learning Spanish. Vocabulary, language structure and cultural lessons will be taught through an accelerated use of the spoken language. Continuation of a video series and another select movie will enhance the listening skill. More verb tenses and other grammatical structures too complex for the first two levels of Spanish will be presented.

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