Soddy Daisy High School

Wellness/Physical Ed

Wellness Classroom Schedule - Semester Class 

Week 1 Football
Week 2 Basketball
Week 3 Fitness
Week 4 Fitness
Week 5 First Things First
Week 6 Spike Ball/Volleyball
Week 7 Badminton
Week 8 ON Point (Guest Speaker)

Fall/Spring Break End of Quarter

Week 10 Mental, Emotional, Social Health
Week 11 Tennis
Week 12 CPR/First Aid/I-Safe
Week 13 Drugs/Alcohol
Week 14 Kickball/Baseball
Week 15 Thanksgiving Week 
Week 16 Nutrition
Week 17 Nutrition
Week 18 Soccer
End of Quarter

Course: Wellness

This course includes physical fitness and the study of the human body, communicable and chronic diseases, emotional and social health, functions of the body, mental health, and the promotion of wellness through physical fitness. Wellness is required for graduation by the State Department of Education.

Course: Boys/Girls Weight Training

This course emphasizes personal fitness, weight training and individual sports.

Course: Physical education 

This course will introduce the rules and strategies of individual and team activities with emphasis on improving overall physical fitness. Daily participation is required.

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