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Course: English 9

Students will develop skills in various forms of writing, critical thinking, and analysis of literature, as well as a sound knowledge of English grammar and punctuation. Students are also familiarized with the availability and use of resource material. Tennessee EOC required.

Course: Honors English 9

This course includes classical literature, plays, poetry, mythology, short stories, and novels. Several genres of writing are covered, culminating in the development of a research paper. Grammar is reinforced in the development of writing skills. Students will purchase additional novels and an MLA Handbook. High levels of reading comprehension and critical thinking skills are essential. Tennessee EOC required.

Course: English 10

This course builds upon the foundation of skills in grammar, vocabulary, composition, and appreciation of literature with attention to remediation as needed. The writing of various types of paragraphs and short themes will be emphasized. A research paper will be required. Tennessee EOC required.

Course: Honors English 10

Focus is placed on both literature and composition. Types of literature include novels, Greek and Shakespearean drama, essays of nonfiction, poetry, and short stories. A five-source research paper and several smaller papers will be required. Tennessee EOC required.

Course: English 11

English 11 builds upon the foundation of skills in grammar, vocabulary, composition, and literature. This course offers a chronological study of American literature representing the works of American authors ranging in time from colonial days to the modern period. Practice in the practical use of communication skills will be emphasized along with practice in using the principles of the writing process for the TCAP Writing Assessment. A research paper will be required. Summer reading will be tested. Tennessee EOC required.

Course: English 12

This course emphasizes basic communication skills. The student is encouraged to read with understanding, write well-organized compositions, and develop an adequate vocabulary. A research paper is required. Tennessee EOC required.

Course: A.P. English 12

This course is designed to engage students in the careful reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature.

Through the close reading of selected texts, students can deepen their understanding of the ways writers use

language to provide both meaning and pleasure. As they read, students should consider a work’s structure,

style, and themes, as well as the use of figurative language, imagery, symbolism, and tone. This class meets

every day all year. Students must participate and pass both semesters of this course to meet graduation

requirements. If a student elects to not participate in the second semester of this course, for graduation

requirements, he or she must take English 12 or a dual enrollment English class. Students are required to take

the AP exam in May.

Course: D.E. Comp 1

Composition I introduces the fundamentals of written discourse, focusing on the development of writing skills applied to different purposes. This course meets the four learning outcomes of the General Education curriculum’s Communication requirement. The purpose of the Communications requirement is to prepare students to communicate information, thoughts, and viewpoints through oral and written forms of expression. The course demands that students use rhetoric, grammar, and logic; gather information; and develop the organization, a unique voice, and style to compose effective prose.

Course: Yearbook

This is a course designed to cover all the phases of yearbook journalism, giving students competency in yearbook planning, layout design, copy preparation, sales management, advertising, copy editing, and uses of style and graphics. This course is not a substitute for English.

Course: Student Council

This course comprises a core of elected students whose purpose shall be to promote the general welfare of

the school, to further better student-faculty relations, to provide for expression of student ideas and

suggestions, to plan and implement school activities to encourage student participation, and to encourage

better citizenship within our community.

Course: SDS-Speech

This course covers the fundamentals of speech and communication. The topics covered in the course will
include an exploration of the following: elements of communication, group communication, intercultural
communication, interpersonal communication, the nature and value of language, nonverbal communication,
persuasion-the art of rhetoric, public speaking, and the value of listening. At the conclusion of the course, each
student will take a challenge exam composed of 100 multiple choice questions and a videotaped speech. If the
student scores a passing score, he or she will earn credit for a college speech course that can transfer to most
TN state-funded institutions.

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