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Social Studies

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Course: World History

Students will explore the major civilizations of the past which have laid the foundations for modern society. Students will have the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills as they confront various historical interpretations and discover the causes of present issues.

Course: Honors World History

This course is intended as a precursor to Advanced Placement European History taught in the sophomore year and Advanced Placement U.S. History taught in the junior year. It requires good writing and reading comprehension skills. It will include the study of ancient cultures and civilizations in Europe, Africa, and Asia, with a special emphasis on ancient Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages in Europe.

Course: U.S. History

This course is a survey of United States History from Reconstruction to the present day. Emphasis is placed on the most important institutions (political, economic, and social) of American life. Tennessee EOC required.

Course: Honors U.S. History

Course content focuses on the major periods in the history of the United States, from the colonization of North America through the 1980s Extensive analysis of primary and secondary sources, as well as supplementary materials, will be essential to emphasize various conflicting historical perspectives. Emphasis is placed on the critical thinking and writing skills required to successfully complete the document-based and free-response questions. Research skills, discussions of current events and geography of the world are explored. Students will receive a U.S. History credit and will take the Tennessee EOC.

Course: Economics

This is a nine-week course that is paired with the US Government and is a requirement for graduation. As students compare and contrast various economic systems, they prepare themselves to function as consumers in the American free-enterprise system, and they have the opportunity to apply the specific method of forming and testing hypotheses to find answers to economic problems.

Course: Government

This is a nine-week course that is paired with Economics and is a requirement for graduation. It offers students the opportunity to understand the institutions that affect our daily lives. Students will study the political and legal processes of American government and become better prepared to assume the responsibilities that come with living in a democratic society.

Course: Psychology

This course investigates approaches to the study of the human mind, the effects of heredity and environment on the individual, sensation and perception, conditioning, memory, and abnormal psychology. Students will gain an understanding of psychological concepts, processes, and theories and will be able to use basic psychological terminology.

Course: Leadership


Course: Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a course designed to inform students how individual choices directly influence
occupational goals and future earnings potential. Real world topics covered will include income, money
management,spending and credit, as well as saving and investing.

Course: Honors Tennessee History

Students will examine the history of Tennessee, including the cultural, geographic, economic, and political
influences upon that history. Students will discuss Tennessee’s indigenous peoples as well as the arrival of
EuroAmerican settlers. Students will analyze and describe the foundation of the state of Tennessee. Students
will identify and explain the origins, impact, and aftermath of the Civil War. Students will discuss the rise of a
manufacturing economy. Finally, students will examine and discuss the Civil Rights Movement and
Tennessee’s modern economy and society. Elective credit.

Course: Old Testament

The purpose of this course is to enable students to acquire an understanding and appreciation of the Bible’s
Old Testament major ideas, historical/geographical contexts, and literary forms. The course will include the
study of the Bible in its historical, sociological, and cultural contexts, and its impact on later cultures, societies,
and religions.

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