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Trojan Logos 

SD LogoTrojan Logo
If you would like to use this logo, right-click on the image and download the graphic.


HCDE Public Forms Library

Hamilton County Online Staff Resources

Google Classroom for the SDHS Staff

Staff Resources used at SDHS can be found in the SDHS Faculty Google Classroom, including Bus Duty, Handbook, TrojanTime Resources and more.  If you do not have access to this classroom, please see the Google Administrator at SDHS.

Staff Resources can be found here.

Dynamic Learning Project

Looking for ways to enhance your technology use in the classroom? Check out the new Dynamic Learning Project Strategy Menu, which features 100+ instructional strategies and tech tools from expert technology coaches.

Student Login Information

HCDE Student Login information used by your students. The same information can be accessed by students in the Student Resource section of the website.  If you would like larger signs to print for your classroom, right-click on the image and download the graphic. Open the downloaded file(s) and then choose print. 

User Name

Student PASSWORD Login Information

Password Login Info

Student Google Login Information

Google Student Login Information

Computer Resources for Teachers

Password Reset/Assistance

Tips to spot and avoid malware/viruses in email

HCDE Google Portal

HCDE Owned Windows Laptops

If you need immediate assistance during regular business hours with any computer issue, please contact our IT HelpDesk at, 423-498-6570.

Use your HDCE login credentials using Outlook to access staff email.

Outlook365 Login Window

Phone Information

SmartVoice User

Voicemail Sent to the Junk E-Mail Folder

Phone Instructions

PowerSchool Teachers
User Hint: _____220
Password: set by the user

PowerSchool Login Window

PowerSchool Assessment

PowerSchool Assessment Login window

Employee Online Login
User Hint: Your ID Number.
Password Hint: You created.

If you forgot your password, click on Forgot Login and an email will be sent to you to reset your password for Employee Online.
Employee Online Login Window
Information about benefits, pay stubs, W2 and Time Cards.

Substitute Request 
User Hint: Your ID Number.
Password Hint: Last 4 of SS Number.
Quick Reference Card

Substitute Request Window
Substitute Request for sick days, field trips, professional development and more.

Use your HDCE login credentials to access T-Eval.

TEval Login Window
Staff Evaluation system.

Mastery Connect
Use your HDCE login credentials or Login with Google to access Mastery Connect.  Mastery Connect and Canvas have partnered up on April 1st, 2019. Changes may happen with login.

MasteryConnect Login Window
Teacher resource for formative assessment, benchmark assessments, curriculum planning, and teacher collaboration.

SDHS Website Login
Use your HDCE login credentials minus to access your Directory and Teacher Page on the SDHS website.

Website Login Information

Access your User Profile to update your Directory information that is displayed on the website.  Detailed instructions.

Profile Location

HCDE Guidelines for Teacher pages:
The minimum requirements for all teacher pages are as follows:
  • A professional or professional looking headshot photo. This should look like the photo taken at your school by Lifetouch or other commercial school photography company.
  • Contact information
  • Short introductory BIO
  • Grades / Classes taught
  • A list of any specific supplies needed
  • Use your Document Container on your Teacher Page for sharing any Word documents, PDFS, etc.
  • Folder, web page and file names must not contain spaces. English 9.jpg is incorrect, english_9.jpg is correct.
  • Limit or omit the use of animated .gifs on your website. Since these can put certain users at risk of having a seizure, it is best to eliminate them altogether.

To keep your page consistent with the template chosen by our school's administration, do not apply any third-party templates even if they are available through our website vendor.
There can be no commercial activity or advertisements on or linked to from your website without written approval from the Superintendent of Schools.

Posting to SDHS Calendar at

To add events to the SDHS website calendar, use the Google Calendar called SDHS Website Events.

The events added to the calendar will also be displayed at the bottom of the SDHS home page.

Learning Management System


Canvas is a new LMS (Learning Management System). It allows teachers to digitally communicate with their students and other teachers. Canvas helps teachers manage their course content and provides another mode to deliver course content. In order to access Canvas, you must have a PowerSchool account and an HCDE Google Account. To access Canvas, log in here. Choose your HCDE Google account to access Canvas.

Canvas Login

To find step by step instructions and video tutorials please visit the Canvas Guides.

Google Classroom (information coming soon)


Clever is clever! It allows you to manage student's apps and extensions that you use in your classroom, like Khan Academy, MasteryConnect, iCivics, etc.

To access Clever, click on the blue C in the top right corner of Chrome. 

C for accessing Clever app

Once you have opened the Clever Extension in Chrome, you will see the apps available to your students.

Clever apps available

Resources to learn how to use Clever to make your use of technology easier in the classroom are available once you get have access.

Clever How to use Resources

Manage Student Chromebooks

LanSchool is software that allows teachers to view thumbnails of their students' Chromebook screens and also has the following features:
  • Polling students
  • Opening the same website on all Chromebooks
  • Blanking student screens
  • Restricting web browsing
  • LanSchool Logo

    Click here to view the LanSchool Website!

    Projector Tips

    The Win 10 shortcut, quickly allows you to change from Duplicate to Extend. Simply hit the win key and the P key at the same time to bring up the screen below.

    Win 10 format
    Win 10 actual

    Google Forms

    Google Forms

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